Direct Motorized FUE Method


The new form of FUE which is called the Direct Motorized FUE Method (DMFUE). FUE in itself is not a new method. However, FUE has greatly evolved in the past five years. What (DMFUE) means is that first of all it is not a manual technique but a mechanical one whereby a surgeon employs the usage of a hand held device which is calibrated to the exact diameter of ‘your own’ grafts; the rate of harvesting is substantially faster yet there is minimal damage to the surrounding tissue since the calibration is very precise. In one clinical setting, we can harvest up to 4500 FUE Micro-Grafts (depending on the availability and quality of donor site, which for most patients will result in Single, Complete, Hair Restoration Session. Because the damage to the surrounding tissue is minimal, the recovery time too is minimal and limited to approximately 3 to 7 days post procedure.

What is Direct Motorized FUE Method?

The Direct aspect of DMFUE refers to direct implantation. This ultimately affects the survival rate of the harvested grafts and finally the success of the transplant. Once removed from the body, the grafts really cannot survive outside of the body for more than approximately 3 to 4 hours, regardless of the soaking solution or storage temperature. Of course, grafts must be stored properly, however, the ultimate guarantee for their survival is the actual time span from harvesting to implanting. At Hair Transplant Dubai Clinic we normally harvest and implant approximately 300 to 600 FUE grafts at a time; each set of grafts are marked precisely so the first ones ‘out’ are the first ones back ‘in’.

Direct Motorized FUE is the safest, most effective, and most efficient form of hair transplant to date. This unique yet highly technique dependent procedure is practiced by only a small percentage of surgeons worldwide, hence it is still referred to as ‘NEW’. We only employ the usage of ‘healthy & living’ grafts (‘A’ grafts), with absolute minimal wastage, hence we offer a written guarantee for the success of your transplant in writing. We guarantee that each graft implanted will be a growing graft. These facts play an integral role when it comes to a successful transplant.


It is a surgical treatment following the pre-treatment instructions is necessary to be on the safer side. Some of the instructions include:

  • Discontinue the usage of blood-thinners and aspirin.
  • Regularly keep taking the medications prescribed by the surgeon.
  • Discontinue the usage of alcohol and smoking cigarettes 2 weeks earlier.

NO Linear Scarring Post FUE, Quick and Complete Healing within 10 days

Direct Motorized FUE Method

Precise Extraction of Micro-Grafts

Precise Extraction of Micro Grafts

Micro-Grafting Technique, Hairline Restoration

Micro Grafting Technique

Follow Up

Early days require great care and the treatment area will heal in two weeks. In case of complications, please get in touch at the earliest. Please feel free to contact us by using our phone number.


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