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Are you seeking services of a reliable hair transplant surgeon to restore your receding hairline? Contact Hair Transplant Dubai now and you would not be disappointed.

Hair Transplant Dubai in Healthcare City:

Considering the overwhelming response from the masses and the large list of satisfied clients from the UAE as well as neighboring Oman, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Iran and Turkey, the management of Hair Transplant Dubai clinic has decided to expand operations and a second clinic is now open in the Dubai Healthcare City.

What is Dubai Healthcare City?

Dubai Healthcare City is a unique project by the Government of UAE that homes a large number of well-known names in the healthcare industry from around the globe. Hospitals and clinics in the region are state of the art. The doctors offering their services mostly are well known and respected names in the medical community worldwide. Any and all kinds of medical problems can be treated here. There is also much emphasis on research and development along with educating the next generation of healthcare professionals. It is truly a visionary project.

Services offered at our Healthcare City branch:

Some of the hair transplant services we offer at our clinic in Dubai Healthcare City are:

  • Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT)

Also known as the strip method, FUT is one of the oldest Hair Transplant techniques. It involves taking a strip of scalp from the baldness resistant area, usually the back of the head, in a bid to get follicular units to be transplanted into the areas of thinning hair.

  • Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)

It is a relatively newer and more effective hair transplant technique in which hair follicles are directly punched out of the donor site using a punch machine. Individual follicles obtained are then grafted into the recipient site. The procedure offers better results than most traditional methods.

  • Stem Cell FUE

Also known as the Direct Automated FUE, it is the latest technique that offers a 100% success rate. The key is the extraction of the follicles which is done with the help of specialized tools that increase the speed, accuracy and size of the extracted follicular unit.

About Hair Transplant Dubai Clinic

Hair Transplant Dubai Clinic is a top name, not only in the Emirates but all over the world, when it comes to surgical hair restoration. The clinic utilizes the services of some of the internationally recognized hair transplant surgeons available and with the state of the art facility, hair transplants are a big success story. The clinic takes great pride in the consistent results that it produces. We have been offering Hair Transplant services in Dubai and neighboring cities and countries in the Gulf for more than a decade now. A third is also opening soon in Abu Dhabi.

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