artificial hair transplant dubai

Hair transplant is a famous procedure to regain the hair, and most people know about it. It simply extracts healthy hair from one area of the scalp or body and plants it to the balding area. These planted hairs attach themselves to the blood supply of the balding area and start growing within three months. However, for a hair transplant to be successful, the patient must have healthy donor hair somewhere on the body, preferably on the head. Most people meet this prerequisite, but there are many who do not have enough healthy hair. This excludes them from the hair transplant candidate’s list.

Artificial hair transplant in Dubai aims to help these patients. It uses synthetic hair-like material to take place of lost hair and create a somewhat natural looking hairline. It is debatable whether it should be compared with wigs and other artificial hair restoration methods or with a hair transplant procedure. Here are some advantages and limitations of this procedure.

Advantages of Artificial Hair Implant

As stated above, the primary reason to choose a hair implant over hair transplant is the unavailability of donor’s hair. The availability of donor’s hair is a prerequisite for a hair transplant. However, many people with severe baldness do not have sufficient donor hair. They simply cannot have a hair transplant due to the unavailability of donor hair. An artificial hair implant uses synthetic hair. So, an unlimited number of hair is available for an implant. Now people with limited or no donor grafts can have the density and the length they desire without worrying about the availability of donor’s hair.

Hair implant is minimally invasive as compared to hair transplant. A transplant involves extracting donor grafts from the donor area. The latter is more invasive than plantation procedure. On the other hand, hair implant does not need to extract donor grafts. That’s why it is a less invasive procedure.

Limitations of Artificial Hair Implant

Despite the availability of unlimited hair for plantation, artificial hair implant is by far less popular procedure than hair transplant. There are certain reasons for this.

  • Artificial hair implant does not give you growing hair. In contrast, a hair transplant gives you naturally growing hair.
  • Artificial hair can never give you as natural hair as a hair transplant can.
  • You may not have the same level of confidence with artificial hair as you have in the case of your natural growing hair.
  • Although, both hair implant and hair transplant are considered safe procedures, less data is available in case of hair implants.
  • In case of artificial implantation, you need to plant lost hair on periodic basis. This makes it less permanent procedure.

If you are looking for a natural and permanent solution for baldness, a Hair Transplant Surgery may be worth considering. To know more about the procedure, call us now or book a FREE CONSULTATION with our experts by filling the form below.